Login Guide For Beginners is an email service of the company Corrlinks used by the Bureau of prisons as a platform of communication between prisoners and those not in jail. The platform is not free of charge for prisoners but free from those messaging from outside the service.

Prisoners have to pay a small fee depending on minutes spent on communication and the number of pages of messages printed. For a while, the standard rate per minute of conversation has been around $0.05 and $0.15 per page for printing.

corrrlinks singup page

This inmate email service is not only available in prisons in the US. You will find it in other parts of the world like Lowa. You could be asking yourself whether prisoners could use such a platform for the wrong purposes, but several measures have been set up, as follows:

  • Prisoners jailed for computer and IT related reasons do not use platform
  • The bureau of prisons monitors every conversation
  • The machines used have no access to the internet and other typical network possibilities
  • Only authorized members from both sides can access network

If you have a relative in prison, then this system makes it easy to communicate with one another. However, what do you need so that this communication occurs?

Requirements to communicate via

There are things you will need for communication via this platform. Those requirements include:

  • Having an email address. The inmate needs to know the email of anyone they are communicating with on the platform
  • You must have a Corrlinks account to communicate with the inmate
  • You will need to approve a request sent by an inmate. This is possible using a particular verification code

With these requirements, the communication between the two has become secure, efficient, and reliable. However, what if you lack a account. The answer is that you must have one.

corrlinks com acccount

How to create a Corrlinks account?

To create, you will find the following steps useful:

  • Foremost, you must get an invitation from the inmate in your email. Approaching the registration process from this path is easier since you can only communicate using the platform only after an invite. This request gives you access to website and inmate code that will help you during Corrlinks account registration.
  • On the website, you will need to sign up with an email address and password. On the same page, you will need to copy and paste the inmate code shared with you during the inmate request. Tick checkbox and click “next.”
  • On the page, you will land on, enable email alerts, and click the accept box. You will receive a confirmation message to your standard email box and a link of verification from
  • Click verification link and enter the required information on the page that reveals itself, you will be ready then.

Once your account is ready, all you need to do is logging into the page and communicating with the respective inmate. Check out the CanvasFilm guide.

How to Login to Corrlinks

  • Search Corrlinks login page on your browser or go to
  • Enter the email address and password formed in the registration process in the fields that appear. You will land on a particular page (Corrlinks). Here you can add inmates and even see messages sent and received by you.
  • Compose message or respond to the news in your inbox.

By now, you have an understanding of the website You must possess a Corrlinks account to communicate with an inmate. This can be done once you have received an inmate request an inmate code to your account. After account registration, all that remains is logging into the page and talking with your loved ones in prison. Remember that even as you speak to them, somebody is watching.