Use Shareit on Windows 10 PC Now

If you have ever endured the headache and inconvenience of being unable to transfer rapidly massive data from one workstation to another, from a PC to a smartphone or vice versa, then your solace is SHAREit download.SHAREit download is a sharing program that enables you to transfer and receive all sorts of content such as folders, photos, videos, documents, photos, and music within gadgets at swift speed irrespective of the size of the content within the local area network(LAN).

You can share fast and for free tonnes of gigabytes of data up to five gadgets without the need for USB drives, a power cord, or an online internet connection. Your Cordless gadgets embedded with this application in the vicinity can locate each other.

Its speed surpasses that of Bluetooth by about 200 times, and it comes with excellent security and confidentiality features to safeguard your devices.

More importantly, it stores content in your devices instead of the cloud, and it’s compatible with Android, Windows,iPhone, Mac, and Ipad gadgets. In this article, we shall highlight the fundamental features of SHAREit and how to download it.

Shareit download for pc

How to Download SHAREit on Windows 10?

You can download Shareit in three ways, firstly from your Google play on your phone. Secondly, GooglePlay on your desktop. However, SHAREit will be downloaded on your smartphone so long as you have synchronized your devices and phone’s internet connection will be on, and lastly from the website of SHAREit’s developer to your desktop. We shall look at all the three ways in detail below.

Download SHAREit from the Google Play store’s Website, onto your Smartphone.

Go to Google Play store website online,

  • Type “SHAREit-Transfer & Share” and then click on search
  • An Icon made of a circle that comprises of three white half-moons curves and three white spheres will emerge with the wordings “SHAREit-Transfer SHAREit Technologies”, click on this circle icon
  • Then click on ‘install.’
  • If you have already synchronized your desktop with your smartphone, then at this installation level the make of your phone will appear on the drop-down under “Choose a device” field.
  • Click on ‘continue.’
  • Upon clicking on the continue button, you will be taken to your Gmail login to verify that it’s you, proceed to login to your Gmail account.
  • Once you log in with your Gmail account, you’ll end back in the Google play store, and the SHAREit installation process will be complete.

Download SHAREit from the developer’s website onto your PC 

Log in to

  • Once you are on the, you will find a blue circle, and at the bottom of that circle you’ll find somewhere written download on the left, and on the right side, there is a drop-down where you’ll need to select the OS of your PC, i.e. Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, or Windows OS phone.

Shareit Download

  • If your PC is windows when you choose Windows, the SHAREit-KCWEB.exe file will download, and it will feature at the bottom left of your PC from where you can click on it and run it. Alternatively, you can retrieve this file from your PC Downloads.
  • Once you recover the SHAREit-KCWEB.exe file from ‘Downloads’.
  • Click on it, and it will open and the message “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?” Will pop out, click on ‘yes’.
  • Then click on ‘accept’, ‘next’ ‘next’ and then ‘finish’, and the SHAREit installation on your PC will be complete, and the icon will even appear on your desktop’s monitor.

Downloading from Google Playstore on Your Phone

  • Go to Google play store on your phone.
  • Type “SHAREit-Transfer & Share” in the searching field and then click search.
  • Click on “SHAREit-Transfer & Share.”
  • Then click on ‘Install.’
  • Once the installation is over, click on ‘Open’ to begin enjoying the services of this facility.
  • For subsequent use, you can access the log in icon from the screen of your smartphone.
guide to use shareit on Windows 10 Computer

Features of SHAREit

  • Internet Connection not Needed

Transfer content without the need for an internet connection like WIFI and telephone connections.

  • No Size Limit for the Content

You can transfer enormous content without size restrictions, as is the case with other platforms such as emails and WhatsApp.

  • Speed

The speed for SHAREit is exceptionally high, for example, it can transfer content 200 times faster than Bluetooth

  • Compatible

It’s compatible with Windows,iPhone, Android, and Ipad

  • Content Storage Space

To avoid clogging your smartphone’s small memory space, you have a leeway to save your photos on your desktop, which has a far bigger memory space.

  • Topnotch Quality

Sending content without compromising the original quality is one of the best features that make SHAREit reputable.

  • A Rich collection of Features

An excellent pack of features such as being able to keep a tab on the latest music and videos online. Besides, it has games, a file manager as well as built-in music and video player that can play offline ensuring that you have an all-round software to take care of your entertainment needs

  • Organize Folders Distantly

You can control or even retrieve content from a distant PC right onto the smartphone that you are using, for instance, searching for content on your PC from the comfort of your smartphone.

  • Connects Numerous Gadgets

This application allows you to hook-up multiple gadgets up to five concurrently irrespective of the brand and without compromising speed.

  • User-friendly

It’s swift and straightforward to download and use SHAREit

  • Free

The software is available at no cost, unlike some that cost a leg and arm.

  • Chat Feature

The latest edition of ShAREit has a built-in chat feature, and this makes it more enticing.

  • Keypad

The newest version of SHAREit also comes with a Keypad which comes in very handy when you need to maneuver on PowerPoint on your desktop.

  • Advertisements Prone

Unfortunately, there are numerous advertisements on this application, but again this’s synonymous with any free app.

  • Aged Gadgets

Aged devices might strain to use SHAREit as opposed to the new ones. The newer ones have better-advanced OS and work well with Android.

  • Share All Things

With SHAREit, you can share literary anything ranging from photos, music, video documents, and even contacts with other gadgets.

  • Devices locate each other

Another winning streak for SHAREit is that devices within the vicinity can find each other automatically.

  • Powerpoint Ease of Use 

Since SHAREit has a keypad, it’s very comfortable to use PowerPoint on the monitor in terms of presentation.

  • For Entertaining Friends and Family

SHAREit enables you to project content from your smartphone onto the desktop’s monitor, thereby making it enjoyable and entertaining when you have some friends or family members around, and you need to show them some content like breathtaking photos or videos or better still, you can deploy this facility for work-related presentations during meetings

  • Workstation to workstation

SHAREit is useful when you need to share content amongst desktops, and you only need to identify the workstations of interest in the vicinity.

  • Smartphone to Smartphone

Upon clicking the transfer button and designating the recipient smartphone, you’ll be able to transfer content between your smartphone and the recipient smartphone with a lot of ease.

Advantages of SHAREit

  • You can connect several gadgets concurrently.
  • Swift sharing of content.
  • Great decluttering facility.
  • Connectionless-mode

Disadvantages of SHAREit 

  • Some pundits claim that it’s slow when executing multiple functions concurrently.
  • Numerous advertisements clog the software.


SHAREit download is one of those useful must-have software. In these tech-savvy days of fast internet speed ranging up to 5G in some countries, you cannot afford not to have a leeway to transfer huge content like videos and music which are readily available online.

Otherwise, you’ll not realize the full benefits that come from living on a fast Internet lane. SHAREit puts you at par digitally in as far as transferring and sharing data in the latest high-tech method is concerned.

I highly recommend this software to you because going forward; the need to continue sharing enormous content will continue to grow due to the availability of cheap bandwidth and the necessity to embrace ICT services.

If you fail to adopt practical applications like SHAREit, then you will miss out big time on what these excellent applications have to offer in terms of sharing music, videos, and photos at lightning speed.